Conference & Expo

April 12-14 2016

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
/// JW Marriott Indianapolis

Power Speakers

Opening General Power Speaker Session: "Complete Champion Culture: Driving to the Limits of Possibility"

Derek Daly, International Racing Champion, Best-Selling Author, and TV's Face of Motor Sports

Daly D-PhotoUsing powerful, real-life sports analogies in a compelling and often hilarious manner, Daly explores the leap from Good to Great and from Great to Extraordinary. Audiences will learn how people can be pushed to the edges and boundaries of what might be possible, understand where the Culture of Extraordinary lives, and how to achieve one’s personal best and sustain levels of performance that competitors are unable to match.

About Derek Daly: If you think you or your business has hit a rough spot, try hitting a concrete wall at more than 200 miles per hour.

With 17 years of professional auto racing under his belt, Derek Daly knows a thing or two about moving fast and driving hard. A championship winner AFTER recovering from the worst crash anyone has ever survived, he also knows a bit about overcoming adversity. Daly translates his experiences as a world-class IndyCar driver into real strategies for business excellence.

Daly's dream to drive began when he was 12 and took him from his working class Irish roots along a bumpy road past ore mines in Australia all the way through British and European racing championships to the Indy 500. Against overwhelming odds, he came back from his big crash in 1984 to race full time and win the prestigious "12 Hours of Sebring" — twice. In 1985, Daly joined ESPN — and later NBC, Fox, CBS and Speed — quickly becoming USA Today's "Best New Face of Sports Television" and IndyCar Racing magazine's "Most Popular Motor Sports Television Announcer."

Derek's book teaches lessons it took guys like me years to learn.  Quite honestly, I believe the advice in this book resonates far beyond the racing industry. —Mario Andretti

Daly has taken what he's learned as a race champion and television personality to start the world-class Derek Daly Performance Driving Academy and MotorVation, a unique experiential learning company. In 2008, Daly shared his wisdom and expertise in his best-selling book Race To Win: How to Become a Complete Champion.

Day 2 Power Speaker Session: "Us vs. Them"

Jeff Havens

Havens, Jeff-HR PhotoIf you’ve listened to any other discussion about generational issues at work, then you’ve undoubtedly been told there are four distinct generations operating side-by-side in today’s working world. You’ve then been told the differences between those four generations, and then you’ve been told (although probably not in these exact words) that you need to just deal with all these different people, because they’re not going away and they’re not going to change how they operate. If that advice suits you, fantastic.

However, if you’ve ever been frustrated by how impossible it seems to employ four different strategies to manage four distinct generations, and if you’ve ever felt like you’re the only one who’s being asked to make any changes, then "Us vs. Them" is exactly what you need.  Because it turns out that there really aren’t four generations.

In this hysterical keynote, you’ll learn a simpler way of looking at your own generational picture, and you’ll also learn how to understand, recognize and resolve every generational issue facing today’s workforce. That’s no exaggeration; by the end of "Us vs. Them," you and your colleagues will walk away with all of the knowledge you’ll need to address 100% of the generational issues you’ll face for the rest of your career. Other generational presentations focus on what people want, but "Us vs. Them" will tell you why everyone wants different things. It’s an important distinction, and it will make implementing new solutions easier than you ever thought possible. Improving your generational issues doesn’t have to be boring.


  • Learn to replace the complicated four-generation model with a workable dichotomy between older, more experienced workers and their younger, less-experienced counterparts.
  • Understand the key cultural, technological and social changes that have conspired to create a disconnect between team members from these two generations.
  • Walk away with several immediately applicable strategies to address and eliminate problems caused by the disconnect mentioned above.
  • Inspire a healthier, more robust work ethic in your younger employees (and your older ones, too).
  • Inspire a healthier, more robust attitude toward change in your older employees (and your younger ones, too).

About Jeff Havens: A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Vanderbilt University, Jeff has quickly become one of the most in-demand presenters in North America.  His truly unprecedented ability to deliver high-quality education in an undeniably entertaining way has earned him dozens of repeat clients, all of whom appreciate Jeff’s insistence that education is the only way that we improve at anything and that we’ll all improve better and faster if we enjoy the learning process. By combining the content of the traditional presentation with the entertainment value of a comedy show, Jeff has found enthusiastic audiences in government, academia, small businesses and several Fortune 50 companies, all while still being one of the youngest members of the professional speaking circuit.

The Jeff Havens Company exists because of Jeff’s firm belief that making learning fun is the quickest, cheapest and most effective way to create a culture where people are eager to continually improve. Whether you want to improve your leadership or change management strategies, whether you want a plug-and-play solution or something more tailored to your particular needs – if it’s important to you, we’ll make it fun.

Closing Power Speaker Session: Share Your FM Story and Vision for the Future of Our Profession

Share your FM story and vision of the future of our profession. This interactive session will provide a platform for your insights. ​Hear from your colleagues and constituents on the future direction of the profession. Everyone is encouraged to attend and share their vision, no matter how radical! This session will be facilitated in a World Café approach. The World Café will provide an open and creative conversation - you definitely won’t want to miss this collaborative, creative and thought – provoking session.


  • Review and discuss the intent and goals for the round tables
  • Review the past and present state of FM
  • Bill O'NeillDiscuss the vision for the future
  • Discuss the strategic approach and takeaways

Facilitated by:

William O'Neill, CFM
IFMA Second Vice Chair
Associate Director, Facilities Management, University of Minnesota