Conference & Expo

April 21-23 2015

Orlando, FL | Rosen Shingle Creek

Power Speakers

Opening General Power Speaker Session: Change Your Space, Change Your Culture: How Engaging Workplaces Lead to Transformation and Growth

Rex Miller, Principal and Thought Leader for mindSHIFT

Change Your Space, Change Your Culture is a guide to transforming business by rethinking the workplace. The research was developed by a team of trail-blazing leaders and reveals the secrets of companies that discovered the power of culture and space. The presentation will demonstrate what companies lose by viewing office space as something to manage or minimize morale.

Change Your Space, Change Your Culture was born out of recent studies that expose truly outrageous "Oh, my God" realities:

More than 70 percent of the workforce either hates their job or they are just going through the motions.
Half of all office space is wasted. Those shattering facts exist because office space is generally regarded as "overhead" or "sunk cost." Most buildings today clearly communicate the low priority placed on people-friendly design. Poor workforce engagement is baked into the culture. This presentation will share strategies on turning this around, by rethinking and reshaping space to align with the way people work. 

We all know that design, space, and flow have a powerful effect on the human psyche. Our homes, museums, sports arenas, places of worship, and even airport terminals reveal that. Environment can inspire dread or enthusiasm, distraction or focus, collaboration or isolation. That's why the office must be designed to inspire the desired culture and workflow – if it's not properly designed, no program, training or rules will be effective over time.

Rex Miller is the Principal and Thought Leader for mindSHIFT, a nationally respected futurist, consultant, speaker and communications expert. He is the author of The Commercial Real Estate Revolution, a winner of the 2009 CoreNet Global Innovator of the Year Award, and author of The Millennium Matrix. Change Your Space is his latest book. Discover what thirty-five leaders from some of the most innovative companies on the planet have to say about creating engaging workplaces that lead to sustainable innovation and growth.

Day 2 Power Speaker Session: Conversations with Harris Rosen

Harris Rosen, Founder, President and Chief Operating Officer, Rosen Hotels & Resorts

Mr. Rosen started his career at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City as a convention salesman, and worked at other hotels including various Hilton Hotels, and the New Yorker Hotel. Rosen eventually joined the Walt Disney Company as Director of Hotel Planning. In 1974, Rosen left Disney and purchased his first hotel, a Quality Inn on International Drive in Southwest Orlando (Orange County). That purchase marked the beginning of Rosen Hotels & Resorts, which now administers seven hotels, resorts and retreats in the Orlando metropolitan area. 

Today, Rosen Hotels & Resorts administers 6,300 rooms, has 3,500 employees, and is valued at over $500 million.

In this moderated general session Mr. Rosen will share the Rosen story, share his passion for healthcare and education and answer questions about how facility management effects Rosen’s bottom line.

Moderated by: 

 James P. Whittaker, P.E., CFM, CEFP, FRICS

 IFMA Board Chair

 President/CEO, Facility Engineering Associates, P.C.



Closing Power Speaker Session: The Future of Work Today: Insights from the New World of Work

Seth Mattison, Founder and Chief Movement Officer of FutureSight Labs

We are entering the greatest period of business transformation the world has ever known. The rigid models we’ve come to count upon for centuries are no longer reliable and in many instances, even considered relevant.  The constant state of disruption we are experiencing mandates a bold new approach to leadership.

Seth will help leaders prepare to navigate a new business landscape where the pace of change is elevating and collaboration is the key ingredient to unleashing the innovation required to compete and win. Seth will challenge conventional leadership thinking while introducing the 5 super trends shaping the Future of Work. Supported with cutting edge research and category leading case studies. Seth will prepare audience participants today for what is going to be required to compete and thrive tomorrow.

 In this session, you will gain:
- Deep insights into what’s coming next in the new world of work for leaders at all levels.
- Unique perspectives on the macro drivers of change and a deep understanding of how employees’ attitudes and behaviors are evolving.
- A new framework to see beyond the fads and more clearly understand the trends certain to impact the business landscape over the coming decade.
- Practical and actionable tips and techniques that can immediately impact business today.

Seth Mattison is an internationally renowned expert on workforce trends and generational dynamics. As Founder and Chief Movement Officer of FutureSight Labs, he advises many of the world’s leading brands and organizations on the key shifts happening around talent management, change and innovation, leadership, and the future of work. Recently named to the Editors’ Picks for Favorite Speakers for 2013 by MeetingsNet, Mattison’s presentations bring an entirely unexpected perspective on the future of work, talent, innovation, and the power of relationships. With a passion for helping to create greater understanding and collaboration in today’s workplace, he offers participants actionable content that can immediately impact business performance.